Workspace Modelling: Why its vital for a save reopening in 2021

Updated: Apr 22

As vaccinations are increasing, companies are looking to reopen their offices to the public. However, companies are facing a dilemma and are weighing up the risks and benefits of opening their doors. Despite the need for quick and reliable safety assessments, current approaches fail to take into account the particularities of different office buildings, such as congestion points, entrances and exits, location of worker desks and other aspects.

Businesses are figuring out whether it is safe to reopen, and if so what would be a safe capacity. Current approaches are based on national level statistics and theories. These current approaches are unable to take specificities of an office building into account. While this type approach can be easily understood, it does not help with solving location specific problems. The inability to effectively assess location specific problems has left businesses with no option but to keep their offices closed. The truth is, safety can not be analyzed without a more tailored approach.

By using innovative crowd simulation technology we help offices to make their offices future proof. The simulation model will help find hotspots with high probability of contamination. Based on scientific publications and safety protocols, actions will be proposed. This will help improve the safety of office buildings.

The simulation model can be used for many optimization questions. By simulating the model for many locations optimal decisions can be calculated. The best desk location, the best working schedule and the best number of workers can be determined in our optimization problem. This will provide the facility manager with a series of steps to take to proactively increase the safety of their workers.

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