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By using innovative crowd simulation technology we help offices to make their offices future proof. The simulation model will help find hotspots with high probability of contamination. Based on scientific publications and safety protocols, actions will be proposed. This will help improve the safety of office buildings.


Here is how it works!


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Just a Floorplan

With just a floorplan and a interieur design we can simulate your workspace to great detail. We make your floorplan come to life.


Paths And Nodes

The output of the AI model is a Paths and Nodes System that gives insight on how your office is build. It is like the skeleton of your workspace. On this system the workers will move in our simulation.


Monte Carlo Simulation

We simulate the model until it converges meaning we assess the risk factors and probabilities for the safety of your floor plan. After Statistically analyzing the results of the model we create  2 KPIs which gives insight of your office. These are the Safety score and Risk.


AI Object Detection

With our AI model we are able to instanly select the locations and objects in your floorplan. The model not only provides the coordinates but also the paths that connect the locations


Workspace Modelling

With our innovative workspace simulation model we use Scientific Literature to simulate a workers day. In our way of simulating we even take human behaviour into account! Example is a worker coming to work. He will never be at eight sharp in office and might missed the train. this is just one of the things that are taken into account in our model.



Lastly we combine all the data aquired together with expert consultancy in a dashboard giving desicions makers insight on their workspace so they can base their desicions on reopening on science

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Bull's eye, A very relavant problem! 

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