Why Simulate?

Many people have experienced working from home. As students/employees we were not an exception. People are missing the personal contact, and have a feeling of isolation at home. Especially as work is sometimes the only place for contact they have.


As regulations are expected to loosen, vaccinations are expected to increase, getting back to office is inevitable, and regulating that transition is critical. Companies are currently looking for ways to reopen their office while keeping their workers safe. However, it is hard to assess that safety, when the office is empty. Current guidelines are based on national level statistics, and fail to take office particularities into account.


Many researchers have pointed to the usage of crowd simulation technology to assess this safety, however no model exists specifically made for an office building. That’s where our model comes in. Not only is it tailored to the workspace, it also uses an innovative way of simulation. Where traditional models uses vector fields bounded by walls, we use stochastic modelling bounded by interior layout extracted by our AI model. This results in a pragmatic solution to the problem.

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