Get Back to Work with Science

We help you transition back to your normal worklife with an innovative crowd simulation model. Optimize your office use in the transition back to work.
Optimal Reopening 

Create a  reopening strategy  

based on the particularities of your workspace

Create a Safer Workspace

Take proactive steps to ensure the safety of your workers

Base decisions on data

Base re-opening decisions on data. Optimize your office use in the transition back to work

Future Proof your Office

Make your office future proof and manage the risk of reopening


How it works

Workspace Modelling

By using innovative crowd simulation technology, we will help you get insights into infection hotspots. With proactive tips you will work on reducing these hotspots

Data-Driven Decision Making

How many employees will you allow in your office? What is the most optimal workplace location? Is it safe to reopen? We will help you in making decisions based on data. Get actionable insights from a clear dashboard.

AI Object Detection

By using an AI object detection model on floorplans we can work more accurately and get your dashboard ready in no time. Our model has been validated on 200+ floorplans.

Sr. Business Developer

"Bull's eye, This model is exactly what the market is waiting for"



Quick Scan your office and understand how your office is used. Be ahead of the curve and asses your office.


Get expert insights on reopening decisions based on a cutting edge crowd simulation model. Optimize your office layout.


Get a data overview of all relevant figures related to the reopening problem. Risk and Safety scores for  different situations.

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